Who are Leap Digital?

Anthony Marshall

Digital Marketing Strategist

Your success is my business.

At 19 I started Leap Digital, to bring a fresh, young, modern and dynamic approach to marketing. Operated by myself, Leap Digital has worked intimately with businesses that reaching multi-million pound turnovers, guiding businesses into spending their hard earned cash in the right areas for maximum return on investments.

Now offering services to smaller and medium sized businesses, I combine a wealth of expertise in Social Media, Advertising Campaigns, SEO, Web Design and more.

I like to work closely with you. Forget speaking to another switchboard. My support is as important as your business is to you. I pride myself in being unique and offering you a lot more than what you’re used to.

It’s my personal promise that I will try my very best to greatly exceed your expectations from a marketing partner, it’s what gets me up in the morning.

I customise my products, packages and training to suit all requirements. Understanding your specific needs plays a large role in my business values and the relationship we have.

I also work collaboratively with carefully picked experts and other growth specialists, so if I can’t tend to your needs, I will be delighted to connect you with someone who can.

Please get in touch, if only to say hello. I love meeting new people.


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